Soul Float is Now Open for Bookings

Soul Float is opening on Jan 21, 2020. We are following the COVID guidelines with reduced capacity, shorter hours and enhanced cleaning. Our schedule is now open for bookings.

Why Choose Soul Float Therapy Studio?

Soul Float is Calgary’s premier float therapy studio because we have the largest float rooms you can find. Part of what makes the Soul Float difference is that we have the best free parking, premium float pods with music and light therapy, large deluxe float rooms for those sensitive to closed spaces, couples floating and we’re directly across from the Sirocco LRT Station.

Deluxe float therapy rooms

These are the largest float rooms you can find. Measuring 6'W x 8'L x 7.5'H with an open-air design (no lid), they're perfect for those who are sensitive to closed spaces

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Premium Float therapy Pods

Our pods measure 4'W x 7'L x 4.5'H and provide music and light therapy that you control from inside. Ideal for those who like the warm-blanket feeling from spacious float pods.

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Couples Floating Therapy

Soul Float is the only float center in Calgary offering couples floating. It's an amazing experience to share with your special someone.

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Accessibility Rooms

For those with limited mobility or accessibility needs, Soul Float is the only center with ADA compliant float rooms.

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West LRT

Soul Float is the only float therapy center accessible by the West LRT. We're across the street from the Sirocco Station

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Water Treatment

Water is life and there's nothing we take more seriously than the cleanliness of our water. We use a five-step filtration process between every float

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All Amenities

No need to bring anything. We have you covered with towels, top quality shampoos, hair products, hair dryers, spa sandals, refreshments and more...

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Excellent Parking

Soul Float is located in West Market Square with plenty of ample parking. No looking for a spot on the street or cramped parkade, just pull right up to our front door.

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What is Float Therapy?

Float therapy is a remarkable way to achieve profound relaxation, rejuvenation, mental clarity and spiritual well-being. Floating regularly will help you find amazing balance between the body, mind and soul. This is achieved by resting in a unique environment free from distractions and sensory stimulation.

Who Benefits from Float Therapy?

With such a wide range of benefits, we’ve found that floating can be a perfect complement to almost anyone’s health and wellness lifestyle. Examples include:

Those wanting cognitive benefits

• Anyone dealing with high-stress jobs or life events looking for stress relief
• Those seeking deeper levels of mental, emotional and spiritual awareness and clarity
• Artistic individuals looking for ways to stimulate and accelerate creativity
• Anyone suffering from over-active minds and anxiety
• Students seeking ways to keep their minds and thoughts balanced

Those wanting physical benefits

• People with over-active lifestyles, such busy parents and fast-paced professionals wanting to relax
• Those with chronic pain or health problems looking for alternative forms of pain management
• Athletes looking for ways to increase performance and speed up recovery
• Even children looking for help calming ADD, ADHD and other stimulation related disorders

Why Float Therapy Growing in Popularity

Floating is an experience like nothing else, with a wide range of benefits. You will feel stress dissolve and your mental, physical and emotional balance restored.

One hour of floating can equal many hours of sleep

Relieve stress, anxiety and depression

Stimulate creativity, mental clarity, learning and problem solving

Soothe pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines, inflammation and tendinitis

Improve athletic performance

Improve sleep quality for those with insomnia or who work sifts

Improve circulation and reduce blood pressure

Quicken rehabilitation and recovery

Strengthen your immune system

Increase productivity and motivation

Our Facility

Soul Float’s state-of-the-art new floatation studio is a safe and impeccably clean environment in which you can let go of the stress of your daily life. Don’t worry about bringing a thing, we’ve got you covered with all amenities like towels, spa sandals, top quality soaps and lotions, hair products and beverages.

Water Purity

Water Purity

Clean water is our top priority. It’s completely filtered four times between float session using a triple-cleansing process that includes micron filters, UV filters and Ozone water treatment. What’s more, the water is super saturated with Epsom salts, which are natural disinfectants.



We want you to feel relaxed from the moment you walk through our doors. This is why we give you your own fully private room in which to change, shower and enjoy your float. With locking doors, this is your space to explore the wonders of isolation.



Your private float room is sound- proof and programmed to a perfect temperature and level of humidity. 1000 pounds of pharmaceutical-grade Epsom salts support your weight, allowing you to experience the sensation of weightlessness. You control the light and the music or guided mediation soundtrack within your float pod or tank.



Feeling a little pampered is an important part of the experience. That's why you'll enjoy the best quality soaps, shampoos, lotions and hair products. We invite you to relax in our lobby with a tea and some fruit before heading back out to the real world.


Book online or call 403.460.2705. No payment necessary to book your appointment.

Single Float

  • One 60-minute float
  • Complimentary tea
  • All amenities provided
  • Ample free parking
  • Deluxe room floats are $49

Join our community

  • One time fee
  • Unlimited floating at $34/float
  • No monthly payments or contract
  • Pay as you go
  • Bring a friend for $34

Couples Floats

  • One 60-minute float
  • Complimentary tea
  • All amenities provided
  • Ample free parking

Starter Package

  • 3 Floats in our Premium Pods
  • Floats are 60 minutes
  • Floats are shareable
  • Floats expire after 12 months

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